Analysis of the dynamics and trends of the tourist market in Russia


cand. ehkon. Sciences, Professor, Deputy director for scientific and methodological work, Head of Department of Tourism and Hospitality
Russia, the Russian International Academy of Tourism


According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourist potential of Russia takes the 5th place in the world. However, the actual organization of tourism in the number of tourist arrivals, Russia is on the 45th place. These data are extremely reputable Tourism Organization clearly show the relevance of the investigated problem. Russia must rapidly bring tourism to the real possibilities, and this path is clear: 40 economic, organizational, technological growth steps in the development of tourism. The article examines the problems and prospects of tourism development in Russia, analyzes the volume of international tourist arrivals and departures of Russian citizens between 2002 and 2014 GG Examines the state of the regulatory framework, which determines the direction of development of tourism in the Russian Federation. The paper considers the role of the Russian Federation in the international market of tourist services, highlights the main challenges of tourism development in the country, the ways of solving the problems of tourist areas in Russia.


incoming stream; exit stream; quality of life; quality of tourist services; index; development; competitiveness; strategy; tourism; tourist potential; tourism product; tourist resources; growth; ecology.

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