Категория: Sociology of Management

Problems of interaction between subjects and objects of management. Principles and methods of management in modern conditions. Social management. Social management. Social policy. Mechanisms of social regulation: institutional, socio-stratification, sociocultural, socio-organizational. Processes and structures of state and municipal government. Social strategies and practices in the management of regions and municipalities. Social problems of management of enterprises and organizations. Management culture and its impact on the management process. Features of the regulation of nonlinear social processes . Management under conditions of uncertainty. Social technologies in the management system. Typological models of the management process: features, nature of managerial relations, leadership styles. Problems of criteria and evaluation of the effectiveness of management activities. Social monitoring. Problems of social forecasting, social planning and social design in a changing reality. Social experiment in management. The problem of motivation and forms of participation of citizens in management. Social problems of local self-government. Crisis management and managerial conflicts. Sociological methods of information and analytical support of the management process. Social expertise of management decisions. Social parameters of the use of digital technologies in management. Social processes of artificial intelligence management. Sociological methodology for the study of managerial processes and structures.