Monitoring of reliability of commercial banks in system of regulation of bank activity


cand.econ.sci., the senior lecturer
Russia, Dagestan state university
[email protected]

cand.econ.sci., the senior lecturer
Russia, Dagestan state university
[email protected]


The current state of bank system of Russia testifies to presence of serious problems in functioning of all its links. Now before Bank of Russia with all sharpness there is a problem of improvement of quality of management of activity of commercial banks. The earlier problems in their activity come to light, the less затратными and more effective there are state actions. It demands constant monitoring of reliability of separate banks and stability of bank sector as a whole. In article the estimation of level of the organization of monitoring of commercial banks in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is given and the prospect of its perfection is defined.


monitoring, reliability of banks, system of regulation and supervision of Bank of Russia.

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Isaeva Patimat Gadzhievna , Mammaeva Dinara Sirazhutdinovna
Monitoring of reliability of commercial banks in system of regulation of bank activity// Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. – #4 (4). Art. # 0402. Date issued: . Available at:

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