General characteristics of the OTC market. Principles of organization of the OTC securities trading


Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Russia, Saratov socio - economic institute Russian Economic University. GV Plekhanov
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Topicality of research is determined by the role of the OTC securities market in the structure of the modern stock market. As harmonization and standardization of trading rules and procedures in the OTC market increases its value in the process of conversion of stock values. The aim of the study is to identify the principal features of the OTC securities market to justify its basic functions and to analyze the process of development.

The subject of research is over-the-counter securities market, which is regarded as an area in which are formed the financial sources of economic growth, focus and allocated resources for investment. Special attention was paid to the organized OTC market of the Russian Federation. The author analyzes the differences between exchange and off-exchange organized securities markets.

Subject of research are the functions and principal features of OTC trading.

During research following methods were used: empirical, logic, analysis and synthesis.

The study established the importance of the OTC securities market in the process of accumulation of capital and redistribution of financial resources. Shows the role of the organized OTC market in the process of increasing concentration and centralization of capital, in establishing real control over the process of distribution of financial capital in the economy. Results of the study, the market analysis and the main findings allow to make an objective assessment of the main processes occurring in the OTC securities market in the present time, and to provide quality forecasting of the main directions of its further development in countries with different models of equity.

The field of application of the research results. The results of the study are recommended for use in the development of concepts development of the securities market, the formation courses in the discipline of the securities market.


underwriting, over-the-counter market securities, organized trading, trading system.

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Prjanishnikova Marija Vladimirovna
General characteristics of the OTC market. Principles of organization of the OTC securities trading// Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. – #1 (61). Art. # 6103. Date issued: . Available at:

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