Investment into human capital in Russia as a factor of socio-economic development of nation


Russia, Moscow State Academy of Business Administration


The paper considers approaches to definition of human capital assets and investment into it impacting sustainable and high-quality development of any society. Author presents data testifying to low level of investment in human capital in Russian economy that may be considered as its noncompetitiveness. The paper proposes investment paradigm based on predominant development of investment into human capital aimed at promotion of innovative economy.


human capital, investments into the human capital, investment paradigm, innovative economy, social and economic growth, social and economic efficiency.

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Novikova Valentina Fedorovna
Investment into human capital in Russia as a factor of socio-economic development of nation// Современные технологии управления. ISSN 2226-9339. – #2 (38). Номер статьи: 3805. Дата публикации: . Режим доступа:

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