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Relationship management in preparation for the new engineering projects


Магомедова Юлия Юрьевна
Россия, Российский экономический университет им. Г.В. Плеханова


The author reveals the constituent elements of the customer relationship and the Executive in the preparation of a new engineering projects. Relationships are built with a focus on effective risk management in the execution of the project on energy efficiency a major consumer.

Ключевые слова

design, network management, business processes, reforming governance, competence, stekholdery, non-financial risks.

Рекомендуемая ссылка

Магомедова Юлия Юрьевна. Relationship management in preparation for the new engineering projects // Современные технологии управления. ISSN 2226-9339. — #7 (7). Номер статьи: 0701. Дата публикации: 08.07.2011. Режим доступа: https://sovman.ru/en/article/0701/


Magomedova Julia Yurievna
graduate student
Russia, Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov



Suggested citation

Magomedova Julia Yurievna. // Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. — #7 (7). Art. #  0701. Date issued: 08.07.2011. Available at: https://sovman.ru/en/article/0701/

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