An integrated approach to the management of processes of resource saving machine-building enterprises


Ph.D., Associate Professor
Russia, Omsk state Institute of service


The Article contains the analysis of approaches to the decision of problems of rational use of resources of the machine-building enterprises. The factors influencing the process of resource is defined. The relationship between processes of resource saving management and quality of products identified. The complex approach to the decision of problems of resource saving and quality improvement are considered.

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resource efficiency, competitiveness, resources, machine-building enterprise, resource management, quality management system, lean production.

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Sviridenko Olesia Viacheslavovna
An integrated approach to the management of processes of resource saving machine-building enterprises// Современные технологии управления. ISSN 2226-9339. – #7 (43). Номер статьи: 4310. Дата публикации: . Режим доступа:

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