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XBRL as a new format for digital reporting of economic agents

XBRL as a new format for digital reporting of economic agents


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The presented scientific article raises the problem of transforming accounting (financial) statements into a qualitatively new digital format XBRL. The relevance of the problem under consideration is due to several factors at once: the rapidly changing needs of internal and external users of reporting, the trend towards unification of accounting standards, digitalization and globalization of the modern economy. The essence of the concept of the digital reporting format XBRL and the process of transition to this format are considered. The main advantages of integrating the XBRL format into accounting practice and reporting analysis practice for its users are revealed. An overview of the constraints in the transition to XBRL-format for both compilers and users of reporting is made. An assessment of the effectiveness and justification of the introduction of the digital XBRL format for different categories of economic entities, as well as the prospects for its implementation in the realities of the Russian economy is presented.

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XBRL format, accounting (financial) reporting, transformation of accounting (financial) statements, digitalization.


The work was carried out within the framework of the event MMT-2020-05: I International competition of scientific articles for young researchers "Modern Management Technology - 2020" (Science and education on-line)

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No items found. XBRL as a new format for digital reporting of economic agents // Современные технологии управления. ISSN 2226-9339. — #3 (93). Номер статьи: 9318. Дата публикации: 29.12.2020. Режим доступа: https://sovman.ru/en/article/9318/


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No items found. // Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. — #3 (93). Art. #  9318. Date issued: 29.12.2020. Available at: https://sovman.ru/en/article/9318/

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