Minimizing the risks and negative factors of the strategic management of industrial enterprise


Doctor of Economics, Professor
Russia, Belgorod National Research University

Russia, Belgorod National Research University


The article deals with the classification of risk areas of enterprise development, and assesses the negative factors. Developing new areas of strategic and operational activities. It creates software development innovation "new approach" focused on the reorientation of the company towards the market development of market mechanisms and approaches to the development.

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risk, risk-module, strategy, control and analysis module.

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Fliginskih Tatyana Nikolayevna , Fedoretc Ksenia Sergeevna
Minimizing the risks and negative factors of the strategic management of industrial enterprise// Современные технологии управления. ISSN 2226-9339. – #6 (18). Номер статьи: 1804. Дата публикации: . Режим доступа:

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