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State support for farms in the Republic of Bashkortostan


Никитина Анжелика Александровна
кандидат экономических наук, доцент
Россия, Башкирский государственный аграрный университет


In the coming years the agro-industrial complex will work in the conditions of Russia's membership in the world trade chamber, and the deepening of integration in the framework of the Customs Union, and this opens up as a new challenge, so, of course, are created and additional complexity. In connection with this it is necessary to stimulate further growth of competitiveness of domestic agricultural producers, their transition to a new technological level of production, the creation of modern infrastructure of storage, processing and transportation of products. In addressing these challenges, not unimportant role of the state support of all forms of farming in the village.

Ключевые слова

agriculture, problems of agriculture development programme, the socio-economic program, the program «500 farms», support to young farmers, the development of family farms.

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Никитина Анжелика Александровна. State support for farms in the Republic of Bashkortostan // Современные технологии управления. ISSN 2226-9339. — #9 (33). Номер статьи: 3304. Дата публикации: 08.09.2013. Режим доступа: https://sovman.ru/en/article/3304/


Nikitina Anzhelika Aleksandrovna
PhD, Associate Professor
Russia, Bashkir State Agrarian University



Suggested citation

Nikitina Anzhelika Aleksandrovna. // Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. — #9 (33). Art. #  3304. Date issued: 08.09.2013. Available at: https://sovman.ru/en/article/3304/

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