Clustering applications in financial and economic analysis of the crop production in the Russian regions


postgraduate student
Russia, Kuban state university


We used the complex mathematical modeling, multivariate statistical-analysis, fuzzy sets to analyze the financial and economic state of the crop production in Russian regions. We developed a system of indicators, detecting the state agricultural sector in the region, based on the results of correlation, factor, cluster analysis and statistics of the Federal State Statistics Service. We performed clustering analyses to divide regions of Russia on selected factors into five groups. A qualitative and quantitative characteristics of each cluster was received.

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modeling, clustering, fuzzy sets, agriculture, the regions of the Russian Federation, the financial and economic situation.

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Gromov Vladislav Vladimirovich
Clustering applications in financial and economic analysis of the crop production in the Russian regions// Современные технологии управления. ISSN 2226-9339. – #8 (32). Номер статьи: 3202. Дата публикации: . Режим доступа:

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