Institutional aspects of corporate governance (publishing and printing industry)


PhD, Associate Professor of Management
Ukraine, National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"

PhD, Associate Professor of Management
Ukraine, National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"


An analysis of the fundamental principles of the corporate governance theory is carried out with substantiation of the use of institutional theory to ensure the effective development of the corporate sector of Ukrainian economy. The proposals on the allocation of corporate governance models on the example of publishing and printing industry are elaborated and institute of shareholder ownership was laid in the basis of construction. Institutional support at the macro-, meso-and micro-economic level is considered, that corresponds to the current state of Ukrainian economy and helps to improve the efficiency of corporate governance by domestic companies.


corporate governance, institutional theory, efficiency, corporate governance model.

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Malik Irina Petrovna , Mokhonko Anna Anatolevna
Institutional aspects of corporate governance (publishing and printing industry)// Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. – #6 (42). Art. # 4206. Date issued: . Available at:

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