Features of the social behavior of university graduates in the labor market crisis


Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Personnel Management
Russia, Belgorod State University
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Doctor of Economics, Professor of Management Organization
Russia, Belgorod State University
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Subject. Because the problem of ensuring competitiveness of development of regions more is defined by efficiency of use of labor potential by effective system of the organization of labor market, special relevance is gained by research of social behavior of students of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION at the solution of the problems connected with employment in the conditions of crisis of the social and labor relations. As an object of research the social and economic relations defining processes and regularities of formation and development of labor market act. Purposes/tasks: to prove the main reasons for crisis of labor market in Russia, to reveal mismatches between dispositions and the actual behavior of graduates in the social and labor relations. 
Methodology. A methodological basis are the system approach and a method of dialectic knowledge which allowed to systematize and prove theoretical approaches, defining essence of labor potential and to open the new contents given categories.
Results. Treat results of the conducted research: the main reasons for crisis of labor market in Russia are allocated, mismatches between dispositions and the actual behavior of graduates are revealed, the organizational and economic mechanism of effective functioning of labor market is offered; conclusions and offers on measures for minimization of mismatches are formulated. The evidence-based recommendations and offers offered by authors can be applied by legislative and executive bodies of the power when developing the social and economic projects and programs aimed at the development of regional labor market. 
Conclusions/importance: high-quality formation and development of labor market of the region depend on professional motivation of university graduates in the labor sphere that will allow to create base for reproduction of a manpower, defining their quantitative and qualitative structure.


labor market crisis, public consciousness, student's youth, dispositional regulation of behavior.

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Tret'jakova L.A. , Feraru G.S.
Features of the social behavior of university graduates in the labor market crisis// Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. – #2 (50). Art. # 5008. Date issued: . Available at: https://sovman.ru/en/article/5008/

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