Analysis of Russian entrepreneurs’ perception of business partner and this attitude: regional and gender features


Russia, Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences


The paper discusses results of socio-psychological study of Russian entrepreneurs’ perceptions of their partners and attitude to him/her. Specific features of social notions of business partner taking into account regional specific features and differences determined by gender.


business activity, business interaction, business partnership, perceptions, psychological relations, business partner, image of the business partner.

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The publication was prepared with financial support from RFH (Grant № 12-06-12042-in "Information and Research Database "Social Psychology of the Russian business").

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Vavakina Tatiana Sergeevna
Analysis of Russian entrepreneurs’ perception of business partner and this attitude: regional and gender features// Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. – #2 (38). Art. # 3801. Date issued: . Available at:

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