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Methods of reengineering of enterprise business processes in the context of digitalization

Стюфляева Евгения Владиславовна

The article is aimed at conducting a study and critical analysis of existing methods applicable at various stages of the business process reengineering procedure, a review of modern methods in this area. Methodology of the work: the study was carried out on the basis of an analysis and comparison of existing methods of business process reengineering. Work results. In the course of the work, the main stages of business process reengineering were identified, various methods were analyzed, the impact of digitalization on the application of these methods and the emergence of new ones was revealed. Scope of the results. The results of this study can be used by managers of enterprises in various industries in the process of reengineering activities to select the most appropriate methods that meet the capabilities and needs of the company, as well as by experts and researchers, including those in the field of logistics and supply chain management to improve the efficiency of logistics processes. Conclusions. As a result of the analysis of the methods of business process reengineering known to modern science, it was concluded that the currently existing traditional methods can be used by specialists at various stages of preparation and transformation, but are inferior in their functionality and labor costs to modern methods, the widespread use of which has become possible since spread of computer technology. Enterprise business process reengineering is a large-scale process, the complexity of which increases with the increase in the scale of the system being optimized, however, analysts still play a huge role in this process.