Creating integrated information management system for small and medium business


Doctor of Economics, professor of accounting and auditing ananliza
Russia, Kuban State Technological University

Russia, "Baltic Leasing"


Enterprises regardless of their size and ownership, focused on a long and successful work needed to create a system of integrated information systems. This is dictated by the fact that, firstly, it combines the financial data, and secondly provides a standardized manufacturing processes, thirdly, solves the problem of standardization of information in a frame. The main thing in your decision-making - the definition of the strategy of the business and the reflection of this strategy on goals and objectives. ERP-system help to maintain competitiveness and leadership in the market.


integrated information system, organizational strategy for the integration of production and operations, standardization of production processes, the model of an integrated system of accounting.

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Deinega Valentina Nikolaevna , Berezovskaia Aleksandra Alekseevna
Creating integrated information management system for small and medium business// Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. – #9 (45). Art. # 4502. Date issued: . Available at:

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