The interest of university students in the formation of professional knowledge and competences


PhD, senior lector Management of organization department
Russia, Belgorod National Research University
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Doctor of Economics, Professor Management of organization department
Russia, Belgorod National Research University
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The relevance of the study. Interest of educand is important for efficient broad and deep knowledge acquisition. However the range of teachings does not contain all teachings interesting for educand. It necessitates studies to identify the different study programs students’ level of interest in courses which are important for their future professional activity.
Aim of study. Suggestion and provision rationale for lack of students’ interest in professional knowledge and expertise acquisition problem.
Objectives. To systemize the theoretical aspects of geotourism guides expertise formation.
To analyze the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and Belgorod National Research University students’ questionnaire results to identify the differences in their level of awareness of the idea of geotourism, and in their interest in geotourism guide job. To discover students’ intention to work in the specialty, acquired in these universities. Identify the reasons diminishing the rate and quality of acquired professional knowledge and expertise.
Research methodology. A methodological basis of the study is complex. It is based on systematic approach, structural approach, and process approach, as on the scientific methods of enquiry of lack of higher educational institution students’ professional knowledge and expertise acquisition problem as part of their occupational guidance. The empirical research is based on polling method. Proceedings of primary information are based on comparative analysis and synthesis.


geotourism, higher educational institution, guide, professional knowledge and expertise.

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Dahova Marija Nikolaevna , Feraru Galina Sergeevna
The interest of university students in the formation of professional knowledge and competences// Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. – #6 (66). Art. # 6602. Date issued: . Available at:

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