Improving the mechanism for implementing social support for families with children through the social security system and social services


Master of the Department of Pedagogy of Vocational Education and Social Activities
Russia, Ulyanovsk State University
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PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Vocational Education and Social Activities
Russia, Ulyanovsk State University
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The article considers the concept of a family from various points of view. It has been established that the mechanism for implementing social support for families with children is expressed through a system of social security and social services. The results of the analysis of the All-Russian (VTsIOM, Rosstat) and our research are presented. It was revealed that in our country, in many ways, social support for families with children is provided in the form of financial support: benefits, monthly payments, compensation, material assistance, etc. Social support is largely aimed at stimulating the birth of a child, not taking into account its development and upbringing. The short-term nature of payments does not contribute to the eradication of child poverty and exacerbates the economic recession in our country. In order to improve the mechanism for the implementation of social support for families with children, it is proposed to introduce a new measure of social support in the form of a monthly payment to reimburse the cost of childcare services for a child up to three years of age “social nanny”.


social support, families with children, state, social payments, material assistance, social work

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Mukhametov Damir Almazovich , Smolkin Valeriy Petrovich
Improving the mechanism for implementing social support for families with children through the social security system and social services// Modern Management Technology. ISSN 2226-9339. – #2 (92). Art. # 9213. Date issued: . Available at:

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