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Innovations Management

  • Management of innovation and innovation processes
  • Management of economic relations arising in the management of innovation and innovation processes
  • Planning and developing innovative strategies
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Formation of information clusters in the Republic of Belarus: adaptation of foreign experience

Сорвиров Борис Владимирович, Баранов Александр Михайлович

The broad definition of information clusters accommodates growth of the indormation economy in new areas. An increasing range of activities is adopting these new technologies and stimulating new products. Driving this growth is the enormous increase in demand for digital information, transactional and cultural products, and services. Of particular importance in this paper are new clusters that have proved to be particularly significant as providers of producer and consumer services, often through interactive digital systems. The work purpose – development of model basis of formation of information clusters as element of development of foreign economic relations of Belarus with the world community. Dynamics of formation of clusters is given in economy of foreign countries, models of a clustering of economy of the developed countries taking into account specifics of use of information technologies are developed. The factors influencing process of formation of information clusters with participation of Belarus are defined, as a result of a research the approximate regional structure of a clustering of the Belarusian economy is systematized, offers on change of model of formation of innovative clusters of Belarus are developed, method of calculation of efficiency of foreign economic activity of information cluster taking into account effect of the animator of secondary streams of investments and economic effect of development and realization of actions for improvement of quality of management of innovative process in a cluster are improved.