Innovations Management

  • Management of innovation and innovation processes
  • Management of economic relations arising in the management of innovation and innovation processes
  • Planning and developing innovative strategies
#9 (57)
Mechanisms of economic innovation development management at meso-level: socio-economic system “region” as an object of strategic planning

Названова Карина Владимировна, Захаров Павел Николаевич

Effective economic policy provides a stable and sustainable development of economic systems at both macro- and meso-level. The paper presents a detailed definition of the region as a socio-economic system, which is the object of management and tends to sustainable development. Modern system of world economy is constantly improving, increases its productivity, even in resource-limited settings. Innovation system is a term, which is used to describe social relations of production in modern conditions of development of the productive forces. National innovation potential is formed in the framework of national innovation systems, which construction is one of the key political and economic problems of any state for maintaining and continuously improving of their level in the international arena. The article presents the evolution of strategic management as the main mechanism of economic innovation development, as well as approaches to the formation of its systems and instruments. Authors identified the key objectives of the state innovation policy, the most important provisions of the innovation development strategy and effective mechanisms, which ensure the maximum effectiveness of economic innovation development at the meso-level.