Marketing Management

Theoretical foundations of marketing activity management. Conceptual foundations, content, forms and methods of strategic and operational marketing. Modeling of strategic and operational marketing decisions. Marketing in the markets of goods and services. Marketing strategies and marketing activities of economic entities. The state and trends in the development of the external and internal environment of marketing activities, market segmentation and the definition of market niches. Formation and development of integrated marketing information systems. Marketing analytics. Methods and technologies for conducting marketing research. Evaluation of the activities of competitors, its use in the marketing activities of the company. Competitiveness of goods (services). Benchmarking. Commodity and assortment policy management. Development of a system for positioning and market promotion of trademarks, brand creation and brand management. Strategies and methods for building marketing channels for the distribution of goods. Strategies, forms and methods of price and non-price competition in modern markets goods and services. Marketing communications. Development of modern forms and methods of advertising activities, organization and evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising in the system of marketing communications. Marketing technologies in the Internet environment. Modern methods of forming the image of an organization as an element of a marketing strategy. Socio-ethical marketing in the system of business social responsibility priorities. Marketing management of non-profit organizations. Territory marketing management as a factor of socio-economic development and increasing investment attractiveness.